Airport Committee / Club

Gene Evans - Chairperson
Mike Tripe - Co-Chairperson
Steve Chain - Secretary
Dan DeArman, Don Long, Mel Freimuth, Tom Smith, Rob Moore.

Next Committee Meeting: Second Tuesday of every month @ 2:00 p.m. at the Lake Club.

Meeting for November 10th has been CANCELLED. 

Property Owner's Airport Rental Fees:
$10 a month or $2 per day

Visitor's Notify the POA with Aircraft # when landing.
Visitor Fee $5.00 per day

For More information on the airpark please visit their website at:

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By Ann Freimuth

Well, the summer has come to an end and your pilot neighbors are all home from their vacations, warm weather activities and settling in for the fall and winter activities back here at our home base.

In September our Aero Club president Gene Evans and wife Judy graciously hosted a pot luck bar-b-q at their hangar, but it was after the LC News deadline so couldnít write about it. We enjoyed a nice warm late summer evening of food drink and conversation as we caught up on the latest summer adventures. Then in October a group got together for a fly out to Eureka for lunch. Diane Anders was even feeling able to venture out and fly with Dave.

So with everyone back and getting ready for the holiday season fast approaching we will probably be starting to have our scheduled monthly meetings. We meet at the Lake Club for a pot luck lunch at 12:30 p.m. followed our club meeting. Check the calendar for day and date. You donít have to own a plane or even be a pilot to join us. Just bring a dish to share, individual table setting and a beverage of your choice. We are a friendly group who enjoy sharing our love of flying. If you have questions about flying or want to get to know us, come on down.

So, until next month,

"Blue skies, tail winds & safe landings"

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