Farmer's Market

We are preparing for our Lake California Farmer's Market. 

We need Farmers and vendors that would like to join. If you, someone you know, or anyone you meet, would be interested in participating please ask them to give me a call, Shirley, 347-4185 

We have a great team of volunteers forming.  We have a very exciting fall season in the works, with adult games, children activities, music, artisan creations, and lots of fresh vegetables. If you would like to join our fun team, please, give us a call.  

It will be located in the parking lot of our Lake Club, on Sundays, from 8am, till 12 pm, Opening day tentatively will be in May. Please keep an eye out for our signs, and on our web site.  This is a fun community event that can only happen with all of our support.


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