Lake Club Committee

Committee Members:
Judy Evans - Chairperson
Debbie Thomas - Secretary
Gary Reese
Susan Johns
Tom Glenn
Don Britton
Dan DeArman
Kay Lavenson
Bill Law
Laurel Moehrl
Rob Moore
Sandra Rex
Shirley Woodhead

Next Committee Meeting: First Tuesday of every month @ 6:30 p.m. in the Lake Club.

Lake Club Committee continues with improvements!

In November 1998 the first meeting of the Technical Committee was held to determine the remodel and expansion of the Lake Club, Surveys were sent out into the community for input. In Jan., 1999 a decision was concluded that no justification could be made to tear down the existing building to build a new structure. The conclusion at that time was since the clubhouse is built on pilings, if the building was torn down, there was no guarantee it could be built on the same site and would most likely have to be moved to the area north of the playground and tennis courts, facing a lake finger rather than the main lake. An engineering study presented in March, 1999 gave no outward visible signs of decay. May of 1999 a proposal was made to the Board for an expansion of the Lake Club. CFD Fire Marshall consulted, soils investigation was completed, energy calculations were completed per Tehama County, and plans were submitted to Tehama County for a building permit to be issued in July, 2000. The POA Board suddenly decided not to fund the project due to the estimated cost. The committee spent 2 years and $40,000 to verify that the building was sound and completing a remodeling design.

In January 2006 the Board of Directors invited the members to form a committee to review the Lake Club and make recommendations on whether to continue to save money each year for a complete replacement in 2011 or remodel the clubhouse earlier. The Lake Club committee reviewed the refurbishment plans completed in 2000. reviewed the engineers report from 2000 which found the clubhouse and pilings structurally sound, reviewed a 2006 report by a home and business remodeling contractor and builder who completed a detailed inspection of the clubhouse and found several repairable problems, but found the clubhouse structurally in good condition. The committee reached the consensus that the Lake Club should be refurbished and not replaced.

November 2006 the Board approved the refurbishment of the southeast corner of the Lake Club including windows that leaked and frayed carpet and entered into a contract with an architect to develop a master plan for remodeling.


In 2007 a Town Hall meeting was held and followed by two special Board meetings to gain community input for remodeling plans. A resolution was presented and approved at the Board meeting on September, 2007.


Phase 1 was approved by the Board of Directors on March 18, 2008. Work included

replacing rear deck, new handrails, ADA compliant ramp, expansion and refurbishment of the interior of lounge, built red steel sheer wall, removed deteriorated overhead lattice and glue lam beams, enclosed and cobblestoned exterior poles, and repaired multiple conditions of dry rot.


Phase 2 was approved and contract was awarded at the Board meeting on January 20, 2009. Scope of work included provide heavy timber roof trusses and sloped medal roof at lounge entry, meeting room entry and main entry; remove dry rot from end of Phase 1 all the way across the front and replace with new; demolish existing deck, deck framing and roof cover around main entry and place new deck with ADA ramp; encase and rock 10 exterior poles, expand game room; place metal columns; curb and gutter and sidewalk along front; and reconfigure sprinkler system, electrical lighting and power to new areas and exterior lighting.


Phase 3.1 was approved on June 16, 2009 at Board meeting. Work was identified as a priority to prevent continued deterioration prior to another winter season. A structural engineering study was completed for seismic and sheer wall protection. Work included demolishing glass and wall and place new store front system with glazing, new wall framing, plywood shear panels, stucco, 4 steel columns, two footing, two parallel cord trusses and remove two columns at the center of the main room. Work greatly enhanced the lateral stability of the building and tied into the new window wall making the building system significantly stronger and safer.


Phase 3.2 was approved at the Board meeting on July 19, 2011. Work provided for partial remodel of main room; weatherization of exterior wall and roof; replaced section of deck; replaced deteriorated hand railing; complete the replacement of all air conditioning units to provide zoning, remodel existing HAVC room and treat existing exterior trusses. Structural engineering completed for the covered deck and placement of air condition units and ducting.


Phase 4 is currently being planned for storage room and ADA ramp on the northerly end of the building. Preliminary plans are also being formulated for the remodel of secondary meeting room and kitchen.


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