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Members as Government Liaisons:
Paul Mitchell - Chairman
Steve Fitch

by Paul Mitchell

The Tehama County General Plan is a plan for how our County should grow for the period 2008-2028. The County's Advisory Committee, of which Norm Gruver was a member, met for over 5 years, sending their recommendations to the Planning Commission last year. Our primary concern is the huge population growth proposed by the developers and supported by County staff.

If all the developmenty plans are approved it could result in 280,000 more people in the northern part of Tehama County. Just the area from jellys Ferry Road and Hooker Creek Road going north to Cottonwood Creek is proposed to accommodate 160,000 more people. These numbers will completely overwhelm our road system, even if improved, and I-5 will be stop and go, which is level F. The County Chief Administrator, Bill Goodwin, has advised the Planning Commission these maximum numbers are necessary to pay for the infrastructure. The Planning Department Director, George Robson, has worked closely with the developers and it appears they may get what they want.

The Advisory Committee, which met for 5 years, was alarmed by the large numbers planned and voted to greatly reduce this growth potential. in Lake California we have 776 acres owned by Leviathan. There are two parcels of about 250 acres each above Rio Alto Road. One is above Indian Lake and the other is above the Equesterian Center. If these 500 acres were to be developed as the current "suburban Residential" at 4 lots/acre, which would be 2,000 homes in that small area. That would double our population. The Advisory Committee unanimously recommended it be limited to 1,000 homes. There is another 276 acres below Rio Alto, running to the river. This is mostly floodplain and is less likely to be developed. The Moore Ranch just south of us has made a deal with the Planning staff that they would build a road from Jellys Ferry Road to Lake California, for approval of their full plan. Some of you will be pleased to have a second exit. Be careful what you wish for. The second exit would have to be manned and that would cost us all.

What our Board may want to consider is that any developer who wants to build inside our borders should first of all have their land annexed by the Lake California Property Owners Association. Why is this important? Because then we would be able to have our Architectural Standards met. We would then grant them use of our roads and amenities, after they have paid a fee for joining our P.O.A. Whithout this annexation we would be overrun by the new residents, who would not have to follow our rules and regulations and CC&R's.

An Environmental Impact Report will soon be completed for the Draft General plan that will require public input. Following this, the EIR will be reviewed by the Planning Commission. The Draft General Plan will go to the Board of Supervisors and more public comment will be accepted. We expect this will go to a vote some time this summer or fall. Our Government Liaison Committee will keep you informed and ask for your input at public hearings, with your Board's approval.

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