Red Hat Society


Queen: Charlotte Vais
Past Queens: Tere Hancock, Jeanette Cunningham, Yvonne Souza, and Debbie Thomas.

The "Scarlet Ladies of Lake California" (Chapter 18866 welcomes you to our audacious site!

We are members of "The Red Hat Society", which is a unique International "DISORGANIZATION" of women.

We embrace the worth of deepening friendships, share in one another's lives and share in the rediscovery and value of play.

Underneath the frivolity we share a bond of affection, forged by common life experiences and genuine enthusiasm for whereever life takes us next.

Basically, we go to lunch once a month for fun and fellowship! Sometimes we throw in some surprises and occasionally, a road trip!

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Requirements for becoming a member of The Scarlet Ladies of Lake California:

  1. You need to be a resident of Lake California.
  2. Women over Fifty years of age wear Red Hats and Purple Clothing at all official Red Hat Society events.
  3. Women under Fifty years of age wear Pink Hats with Lavender clothing at all official Red Hat Society events.
  4. Members of Chapter 18866 of the Red Hat Society promise to have fun and treat one another with kindness and consideration.
  5. Actually, there are no rules, merely guidelines (though we do adhere to the wearing of red and purple, pink and lavender!).

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