The community encompasses approximately 5,950 acres, with 2,200 plus lots, which features spectacular views of Mt. Lassen, Mt. Shasta and the Trinity/Siskiyou Mountain Ranges.

Within the community are a variety of amenities for the private use of community members and their guests: a large lake for boating and fishing, a community swimming pool, tennis courts, an airport landing strip, an equesterian center for boarding horses, a lakeside clubhouse and lounge for meetings and community events, a Sacramento River boating and fishing access site near world famous fishing holes, a campground suitable for large RV's or motor homes, parks and miles of open trails.



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This years drought is affecting all users along the Sacramento River. Many people have expressed concern about the level of the lake this summer. Because of our senior water rights, the Bureau of Reclamation is allowing us to pump 75% of our available amount. Temperature, wind and other factors determine how much water we use to keep the lake full during the summer months. We expect to be able to keep the lake within 2 to 3 feet of full this summer by carefully managing the amount of water we have been allotted.                 Lakes & Landing Advisory


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